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Choosing a Limited Company Name in UK

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Choosing a name for your limited company is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner. Selecting the right name for your market, customers, and services is essential and will significantly contribute to your overall success. However, the process isn’t as simple as choosing a name out of a hat. 

Below we will look at both the legal and marketing implications involved when you choose limited company names. From why a business name is such an important choice, to how to make sure you are remaining compliant with rules regulations. You will find all the essential information you need below. 

Choosing A Name For Your Limited Company – Why is it an Important Decision?

A well-researched limited company name will help you to create the best possible first impression on potential customers. You need to select a memorable and unique name relevant to your industry or service which makes it easier for potential clients to recognise and remember your business. A well-selected name for your limited company will help with marketing, give a professional image, and build credibility with customers. 

The limited company name you select must adhere to the regulations of the UK registrar of companies – Companies House. You need to make sure the name is not too similar to existing company names, doesn’t include offensive words, and features the correct company suffix (such as Ltd or Limited.) Before registering your company, make sure to consult all the rules of Companies House concerning restricted terms, words, and claims. 

When you choose limited company names, you should also ensure that your private limited company name doesn’t infringe on the copyright or trademarks of another company. Failing to do this can lead to extra costs and wasted time later down the line if you discover you have to rebrand your business. 

Tips for Choosing Your Limited Company Name

Check Online Presence, Social Media, and Domain Availability

Check to see if you can secure a domain URL that matches your company name. This is essential if you want to establish an online presence and ensure your company is easy to find online. Keeping your company name consistent across all of your online platforms will also improve your SEO. 

Future Company Growth and Diversification

If you are planning to scale your business into other locations, industries, and product lines, it is crucial to make sure your chosen name is not restrictive. Don’t choose limited company names that are too specific to your first product or service may inhibit your marketing when you decide to move into different areas. 

If you plan to move into other locations around the globe, it is also worth checking how your private limited company name translates into different languages. 

Differentiate Your Company

Choose limited company names that are distinctive and help you to stand out in a sea of competition. Research your target market and register private limited company names that will attract and resonate with them. Your company name can reflect your business vision, company aims, or the problem your product solves. 

Don’t Make It Too Personal

Unless your company marketing heavily relies on a personal brand, it is advisable to avoid getting too personal when naming your company. You may want to sell your company one day and may find it more difficult to find a buyer for a company called “Paul Jones Ltd” for example. 

How to Register a Limited Company Name

Once you have chosen your private limited company name, then you need to register your business with Companies House. Here is a beginner’s guide to the process: 

Check Your Name with Companies House

You can use the Companies House name availability checker to double-check the availability of your chosen name and make sure it is not too similar to existing company names. You should also ensure that your chosen name includes the correct company suffix and doesn’t include any restricted or sensitive words. 

Provide the Required Information

To register your private limited company name, you will need to have all of the information detailed below: 

  • Company name.
  • Register company address. 
  • Company director details. 
  • Shareholder details. 
  • Articles of Association. 
  • Share capital details. 

Register a Limited Company Name Online

After you choose limited company names and have gathered all the required information, you are ready to register with Companies House. The process to register a limited company name is relatively straightforward, as you’ll see below: 

  • Log into the Companies House website or create an account. 
  • Follow the online prompts for registering your company name. 
  • Fill out the online form with your details, such as company name, director, and business address. 
  • Pay the applicable registration fee online with your credit or debit card.

If you don’t want to register a limited company name online, you can do so by post by downloading Form IN01 and sending the completed information and a cheque for the registration fee to Companies House in the post. 

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Certificate of Corporation

After you register a limited company name, if your company name is approved by Companies House, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation. This certificate legally confirms that your business exists and will also detail your date of incorporation and company number. 

Can I Change My Ltd Company Name? 

After you choose limited company names, changing once you have established yourself in the market is not advisable. You may lose recognition and market share, and your customer base may struggle to find you under a new moniker. However, if you do decide to change a private limited company name, you can do so by submitting the changes to Companies House using Form NM01. 

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